Cirque du Freakay
by Dennis Romero
BPM Magazine, October 2005

After performing at LA's Vanguard on Sept.16 at club Space 550 in San Francisco for a Love Parade related event Sept 23rd, the freakiest, biggest, and most outlandish techno band on earth is ready for the spooky season of October. The 32-member Mutaytor ensemble is shaking booty for treasure on the Xingolati Groove Cruise of the Pacific; a long Beach, CA to Ensenada, Mexico floating party Oct 14-17 ( Then it's off to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of ghosts and goblins at the annual West Hollywood Halloween Carnevale October 31. A product of Burning Man, the circus-like audio-visual experience that is Mutaytor is tailor-made for the one-time witches, skeletons, and Michael Jackson lookalikes that savor the afterlife celebrations of October. Jam-band elements of funk, breakbeats and synths mix with eye-bursting scenes of torches, lasers, and high-flying circus moves to create a massive experience. Perhaps pop writer Ron Garmon put it best when he stated that Mutaytor is "a weapon of mass con-funk-tion " that puts "quick-shuffling elements of rock, soul, hip-hop, techno, fusion, jazz, world music, disco and much more into a live production that's half cyber-erotic revue and half hellza-poppin' vaudville ".