Issue Number 1 - 6/12/03



The Mutaytor

by Rebecca Epstein


Flashy theatrical percussion acts come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Think STOMP!, Blue Man Group, or Cirque du Soliel. But L.A.'s own The Mutaytor has a unique twist: This highly rhythmic and visually spectacular troupe is also totally interactive. Blending fire performance, pyrotechnics, stunt performers, tribal dancers, and the pounding of more than 50 drums, The Mutaytor's shows never fail to dissolve the line between audience and artist. In other words, the performance troupe causes people get up and dance.

The Mutaytor is "a very visceral experience that forces people to participate," says Matty Nash, who founded the group in 1998. "The fireplay adds a level of excitement that's very primal, in addition to our heavy drum attack." Yet, he remains amazed by how listeners at performances begin to "mutayte," expressing themselves with physical abandon, every time the band starts to play.

Nash believes the music and the movement, in addition to being fun, help strengthen communities by simply removing social and psychological barriers between people. (The troupe also regularly performs to promote music therapy and education.) Get "mutayted" yourself this weekend during the West Hollywood Pride Festival.

West Hollywood Pride Festival
Saturday and Sunday along Santa Monica Boulevard in WeHo. For more information, visit

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