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Concerts For Darfur
Mon Oct 9, 2006

Music As A Weapon
Mon Oct 9, 2006

Scammer Uses Great White
Mon Oct 9, 2006

Gigs & Bytes: Money For Something
Sun Oct 8, 2006

Califone Country
Sun Oct 8, 2006

Roadie Maf54
Sun Oct 8, 2006

Tower Records Goes Bye Bye
Sat Oct 7, 2006

Def Jams
Sat Oct 7, 2006

Hinson On The Circuit
Sat Oct 7, 2006

Bon Jovi To Renovate NOLA Homes
Fri Oct 6, 2006


Live Mutaytion
Updated 01:52 PDT Wed, Oct 04 2006

The multimedia madness of The Mutaytor will be lighting up stages across the Western U.S. over the next month and a half.
The experimental troupe recently performed at the Download Festival in Mountain View, Calif., and has dates planned in the Pacific Northwest for early October. A seven-night residency at Universal Studios Hollywood will follow, with the group promising one of its largest productions yet.
After gigs in Las Vegas and San Francisco, The Mutaytor will perform at Music Box @ Fonda in Los Angeles, taping the November 17 performance for its debut DVD.
The group numbers more than 30 members, including bassist John Avila, percussionist Steve Reid, the Dub Psi Lab, a three-piece horn section and teams of acrobats and fire dancers on a stage set that includes more than 100 drums.

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