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Alpheus Fletcher Underhill IV, Moved to the fabled west coast in December of 99' in search of rock stardom, gold paved streets, and limitless fortune. What was found was, no job, a slum apartment in Koreatown, and dead end bands with no long term aspirations.

This Buffalo, New York native, started playing drums at 15 with then band "blacklist". When offered a record deal at age 17 from High Priority Records, and Affiliate of Def Jam Records in 1993 Alpheus new that drumming was what he needed to do. Since he was only 17 his father wouldn't let him sign because he knew that Alpheus had to go to college get a degree and then pursue rock stardom. Angry, at the time, at his fathers decision Alpheus, and one other band member decided not to sign, the deal went away, and the band eventually broke up. At the time how could Alpheus known that was the best decision he could have made.

In 1995 While in Attendance at the Drum Corps International Quater finals in Buffalo, New York, Alpheus Saw his next musical endevour right before his eyes. After being blown away by the best Drum Corps in the world for an Evening he said to himself that he would be on the field for the following year.

In 1996 and 1997 Alpheus Marched Bass drum for the Kiwanis Kavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps who placed 14th both years, also he marched in the Spirit Performance Youth Ensemble (S.P.Y.E.) For two years which placed 3rd, and 4th for those years in W.G.I.'S most competitive Division.

Since Moving to Los Angeles Alpheus has Worked as a drumline Instructor at Antelope Valley High School in Lancaster, CA. Has played in Local metal band "Wrecked" as well as for Century Media Records Artist "Scar Culture" a Death metal / Hardcore band, which introduced touring as a lifestyle. One tour ended with a crashed van and two staples in the head. But when touring got to hard, and Living in L.A. and playing in a band from NYC turned out to be a bad idea, Alpheus left Scar culture to return to L.A. with a bitter taste of "success".

Alpheus was mutayted on March 19th 2004 at hanger 1018 in Downtown L.A. A small show, no aerial or fire but it was enough for Alpheus to say to himself once again that he was going to play with the Mutaytor. June 26th was his first show at the Electric Daisey Carnival when the now legendary "Onstage Fistfight" broke out, as well as a speaker burst into flames. That was his first taste of performing with the Mutaytor, and what a wild ride it has been since.

Alpheus Duties for Mutaytor now include: Hand drumming, Aerial rigging, Stage Building, aerial counterweight guru, As well as some Drum composition from time to time.

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