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We are artists, musicians, and technicians dedicated to bringing you spectacles of sound and vision from beyond imagination. To inspire and empower our audience, our community, and our selves to reach beyond what we are to what we can be. We convert civilians into RockStars!

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Thursday through Sun June 6, 2013
La jolla Indian Campground
Pauma Valley, CA

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We're playing a great campout festival this summer -- join us!


Who wouldn't be all over a 4-day camping trip in paradise with hiking trails and a stream with tons of things to do: workshops, playshops, of course great music, live performances, dancing, DJs and beautiful nature to relax in?

Well friends - such an event IS actually happening.

When: June 5-9, 2013
Where: La Jolla Indian Campground (South East of Temecula)
  Palomar Mountain on Highway 76
  22000 Hwy 76, Pauma Valley, CA 92061

This is like catnip for us! This is how we used to do it at events like Xara Dulzura. So yeah - we're going to be there. We're not gonna mess around - we're doing it right.


Asteria Flier


From the Asteria folks:

Asteria is Deep Pyramid’s premiere event, in the San Diego mountains, at the campground of the La Jolla Indian Reservation. Asteria is a five day/four night music festival with a line-up of deep pulsing music, radical expression, and live entertainment featuring The Mutaytor.Asteria will feature. . .- art that reflects a spectrum of serene calm to a joyful madness;- music with thick, juicy beats, wicked rhythms and a hard pulse;- an environment where free expression lives and breathes.

Asteria will have a Center Camp Experience, featuring a line-up of great DJs, dance, live performance, spectacle and The Mutaytor. Asteria is a five-day festival located at the La Jolla Indian Campground, a paradise surrounded by oak trees, hiking trails, and a stream filled with sporadic pools that are ideal for cooling off during hot summer days.

By day Asteria is filled with workshops, playshops and relaxing spaces. By night Asteria is a teeming vortex of music, lights, and areas that invite you to play with any and all aspects of who and what you think you are. Asteria aspires to create an environment that allows you to participate, actively explore, and push the depths of your psyche through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. We strive to awaken the dormant qualities within you, and encourage them to blossom by inviting Healers, Warriors, Teachers, and Visionaries to join in this sacred space.

Our vision is to provide a place in which you can joyfully (re)discover and (re)claim your personal power and use it to energize the global shift in consciousness that is already underway.

The doorway has been opened. The path begins with the first step.


See You THERE! I think you'll agree this can't be missed.

New CD!

Announcing the release of The Mutaytor: Unconditional Love (The Westerfeld Sessions)

We are proud to make available this 14 song collection of The Mutaytor at it's finest, available now in CD and digital form through our website and at shows. Why Unconditional Love? Because that's the most pure, beautiful thing in the universe - and we think it deserves a nod.

These recordings were made under somewhat different circumstances than the typical studio session. Last year an idea spawned while staying at our good friend Jim Siegel's historic San Francisco mansion. This house was built in 1889. With it's ghosts, stories, characters and it's unique role in cultural history, we thought we should record the house along with our next album. So we dragged all of our recording equipment up to San Francisco, and proceeded to make this recording. We carefully captured the acoustic ambiance of the rooms, hallways and staircases — if you listen closely, you can hear the house breathing. No digital reverbs were used. You can hear people walking around and talking. You can hear traffic outside the windows. You can hear how much fun we had sequestered in that house, a group of friends, making art together for four days and nights. We hope you have as much fun listening to the music as we had making it. Pick it up on line or come to a show and say hello.

Unconditional Love


We will be selling a limited number of signed copies at our record release party on March 10th, at The Echoplex in Los Angeles, where we'll be performing with our friends The March Fourth Marching Band. We'll also be touring in support of the new CD nationally throughout the summer.

The Westerfeld Mansion is a 5 story, 28 room Victorian Historical Landmark in the Lower Haight section of San Francisco, located on the corner of Scott and Fulton. The Westerfeld has seen more than it's fair share of the avant-garde since its construction in 1889. It had been the Russian Embassy, a speakeasy during prohibition, the transmitter for the very first radio broadcasts on the west cost conducted out of the bell tower by none other than Enricco Moricini himself, a jazz flophouse for the likes of Thelonious Monk, home to Janice Joplin, Big Brother and the Holding Company and Family Dog productions, crashpad for members of the Manson Family, site of occult rituals conducted by Kenneth Anger and Anton LeVey (who kept one of his tigers in the bell tower) and was prominently featured in Thomas Wolfe's "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test". It's also been Mutaytor's San Francisco home for several years, and is always a place of fond memories and the absolute best of times....

You can buy the new CD at, or on our Facebook MyStore page.



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