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We are artists, musicians, and technicians dedicated to bringing you spectacles of sound and vision from beyond imagination. To inspire and empower our audience, our community, and our selves to reach beyond what we are to what we can be. We convert civilians into RockStars!

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Where would we be without our affiliations? Here we collected some links of folks that are of the same spirit as us. Please take the time look at them all. You will not be disappointed. ...And tell them The Mutaytor sent ya!

The Mutaytor proudly uses Vigier Guitar and Basses exclusively. Be sure to visit their site at


The Mutaytor is proud to endorse Promark Drumsticks, and we thank all of the Promark family for their excellent products and service. Please check out


The Mutaytor is proud to endorse and beta-test QSC Audio powered speakers and amplifiers. Our sound onstage is very important to us, and we demand the best out of our equipment, and QSC always delivers. Please visit them at


The Mutaytor is proud to endorse of the vast majority of hardware and software used in our onstage and in-studio Dub Pscience DJ team. Please visit them at


The Mutaytor is proud to endorse Roland USA for the vast majority of hardware and software used in our onstage and in-studio Eye Pscience: Advanced Video Technology VJ team. Please visit them at


Makers of many of the virtual instruments and soft synths used onstage and in the studio. Please visit them at


The Mutaytor wishes to acknowledge the excellent support
of Cryoflesh ® for supplying costumes at E3 2006.
Assimilating cutting edge cloting and accessories with all things Dark and Futuristic.


The Mutaytor is proud to support Lip Service ®
Pioneers of Gothic, Punk, Rock, and Fetish Clothing ... for Fashion Freaks!


  • Aids Project Los Angeles - Wonderful Charity Organization
  • Alice Radio - SF Radio that plays and supports Mutaytor
  • American Apparel - Mutaytor blank garment vendor
  • Amoeba Records - LA and SF's GREATEST record store!!
  • Anon Salon - SF based friends, instigators, and fellow promoters of amazing events.
  • Auto Assault Forums - The Mutaytor video game of choice.
  • Avalon Hollywood - One of our favorite LA nightclubs
  • Bat Makumba - One of our Favorite Bands!! Amazing Brazilian-based SF band. Highest Recommendation!
  • Beowulf Images - Larry Davidson, Photographer, Collaborator
  • Best Events - One of LA's top event planning companies
  • Bill Graham Presents - legendary Northern California concert producer.
  • Blast! - a London-based theater production blending amazing drum corps with dynamic dancing and classical music.
  • Blue Man Group - One of the most amazing musical and theatrical experience on planet earth.
  • BPM Magazine - An excellent DJ culture magazine
  • Burning Man - The official Burning Man Project Website.
  • CD Baby - Independent CD distributor and promoter.
  • Christian Ristow - Giant Robotic Machines of Destruction, friend and onstage collaborator.
  • Cirque Berzerk - Our close collaborators and friends. Several of the mutants perform in both projects. Check them out!
  • Cirque Du Soleil - The kings of the theatrical multimedia performance. We've been lucky to perform at a few Cirque events, and they are inspiring!
  • City Beat Magazine - Great source for LA Nightlife and scene
  • Digital Media Wire - our host for the Billboard Deca Awards.
  • Distractions - San Francisco friends and retailer of Mutaytor Merchandise.
  • DJ Satan - L.A.'s finest breaks DJ, and past musical collaborator.
  • DJ Wolfie - Top L.A. DJ, Collaborator, Promoter and friend of The Mutaytor.
  • Dragon Debris - Our Burning Man friends website. Brilliant artists, sculptors, visionaries.
  • Dream Circus - Frequent collaborators and circus team
  • DRUM! Magazine - one of the best drumming publications in the USA.
  • Earthdance - Worldwide peace organization through dancing.
  • El Circo - Brilliant SF based performance and event company.
  • Electric Daisy Carnival - Electronic/DJ festival.
  • Extra Action Marching Band - One of the greatest, wildest and most interactive drum ensembles you will ever see. Our highest recommendation!
  • Eye Pscience - Advanced Visual Technologies: Mutaytor's official Video and Multimedia Production. Rhythmic psychedelia, video billboards, and concert Visuals
  • Fifth Column Fetish - Heavy industrial goth group with very unique sound.
  • Gallaudet University - The World's largest all-deaf university. Hosted the legendary Mutaytor concert at Rockfest X, 2002 to an all-deaf audience.
  • Go Ventures - Legendary massive electronica/dj concert promoters.
  • Groovetickets - our LA source for ticket agency
  • Guerilla Union Events - Creators of the SmokeOut festival.
  • Highlands - Excellent LA nightclub and event space
  • Indie 103.1 FM - LA radio that supports and plays Mutaytor.
  • Insomniac Events - Top Southern California DJ Concert promoters.
  • Kevissimo - Artist, Photographer, Mutant, Collaborator.
  • KeyClub - One of our favorite venues to play in LA
  • King David Productions, concert promoters
  • Kulture Mutt - LA culture, music, art and event magazine.
  • Live Wire Neon - Specializing in totally amazing illuminated novelties.
  • Lotus Flower Belly Dance
  • Love Parade - Amazing dance event promoting peace
  • Monster Energy Drink
  • Music Connection - LA's top music industry magazine
  • My Space - Our page on My Space
  • Mystic Beat Lounge - Norcal DJ community and friends
  • N' Effect - Top Notch lighting, sound, DJ and production company.
  • NCsoft - one of the best video game companies in the world.
  • Paynie - Filmmaker, Friend, frequent photographer and collaborator.
  • Pixie Vision Productions - Mutaytor's official photographer, scribe, and steamroll alarm clock.
  • PlayaHearth - Amazing artists, sculptors, mad scientists, friends and onstage collaborators.
  • Porch Puppy Online - Mutaytor's web designer.
  • Psymbiote - Artist Isa Gordon does amazing cybernetic art and costumes. Friend and collaborator.
  • Relix Magazine - Music community magazine
  • Remo Drums - We play Remo drums and Steve is endorsed by Remo
  • Skinnie Magazine - OC's top music magazine.
  • Stark Raving Brad - One of the world's most insane musician and percussionists! Frequent collaborator onstage and force of nature.
  • Stomp! - Brilliant Broadway production blending industrial urban percussion with brilliant innovative choreography.
  • Strength Through Peace - Montana Miller - Aerialist, Acrobat, Storyteller and onstage collaborator.
  • Sunset Promotions - SF area promoter and collaborator.
  • The Crucible - is a non-profit educational collaboration of arts, industry and community based in Oakland.
  • - many of the mutants are very active on Tribe
  • Valerie and the Vibe Tribe - Amazing performance art troupe, and friends of The Mutaytor.
  • Wild About Music - Santa Monica based music art and collectables and friends of the Mutaytor.
  • Winslow Court Studio - Excellent L.A. based fully equipped recording studio, where the Mutaytor records our drums.
  • Xara - Burning Man friends, collaborators, artists and visionaries.
  • XM Radio - Unsigned Band Show on XM Satellite Radio.
  • Vau De Vire Society - Amazing performance company in SF.


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