The Mutaytor Cast: Atom Smith
Atom Smith

A.K.A. I only have 1 name

E-mail: atom @
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Since the beginning Atom and computer were friends. Soon the music came. At first as clunky, robotic retaliations against the media, a parody of life and then, as times of inner peace came to be, the music became a life unto itself, friends with the people and friend to Smith.

Now as 1/2 of the Dub Pscience Lab, the electronic arm of the Mutaytor music team, Smith, in this exclusive interview expressed to this reporter, pride in the Mutaytors growth, pride in being part of such an immensely diverse and creative family and satisfaction with the collaborations between Mutaytor and and some of our heroes that have developed.

"There have been many colorful Taytor adventures over the past few years..." Smith replied, "I'll think about those later, for now we create new memories."

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