The Mutaytor Cast: Brady

A.K.A. Maniaclese

E-mail: maniaclese @

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Born in a wormhole "Out near Saturn" as he describes it, he is the only living being from his entire universal sector. He discovered sound through the diffeent frequencies of vibration, resulting from space trash and asteroid collisions.These "sounds" became his music. Sometime around the Earth year 1900,maniaclese stumbled upon a planet that radiated with vibrations of millions of different frequencies,and knew it was where he belonged.He came to earth he says "because It looked noisy",and has remained here,in his "human suit" smashing and crashing things ever since.His pyrochotic lava fountain act found a home with The Mutaytor just after the turn of the millenium...

...and they also let him bang on things.

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