The Mutaytor Cast: Buck A.E. Down
Buck A.E. Down

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UTILITY: singer, talker, raconteur, player of loudly amplified guitars, producer, arranger & art director

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: brian eno, brian wilson, tom waits, frank zappa, the grateful dead, pink floyd, johnny cash, hank williams sr., minor threat, nick cave

LITERARY INFLUENCES: bukowski, burroughs, miller, de sade, ginsgerg, keroac, camus, mishima

TOTEM ANIMAL: primates great and small

ENJOYS: coffee, beer, single malt scotch, water, the people's global struggle for peace and justice

DOESN'T ENJOY: early call times, heavy lifting, political repression

Buck proudly uses software and hardware by Native Instruments and M-Audio and plays Vigier Guitars exclusively

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