The Mutaytor Cast: Charlie

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Real Name: Charlie Nguyen

Known Aliases: Chalrie, Chaz, Chuckles The Klown, Chollie, Cha-dee, Son, Cowboy, 2 Scoops Kraut

Date of Birth: May 23, 1981

Place of Birth: "The LBC" Long Beach, California

Base of Operations: " City of Lost Angels" Los Angeles, California

Mutaytor Utility: Musician, Fire Performance, Fire Safety, Toil Munkey, Infamous Super Hero

Current Group Memberships: The Mutaytor, Cirque Berzerk

Former Group Memberships: Founding Member of Lucent Dossier Vaudevillian Cirque

Group Affiliations: The Burning Man Project, Pocket People, Ninja Skillz, Orange Kids, The Do Lab, The Moustache Army

Areas of Expertise: Industrial Engineering, Ergonomics, Metal Fabrication, Workforce Efficiency, Mechanical Engineering, Random Jack-assery, "Naughty Klowning"

Influences: Food of the Gods, Book of the Five Rings, The Bushido, The Hagakure, Terrance McKenna, Charles Bukowski, The Torah, The Koran, The Bible, Teachings of Buddha, Timothy Leary, Yogi Berra, Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Cab Calloway, The Police, All Things Metal

Special Abilities: Culinary Arts, Holistic Medicine, Un-timely Humor, Competition Speed Eating, Telekinesis (thatís Mind Bullets), Consuming 2 scoops of Sauerkraut with every meal on tour, Tree and Crystal Hugging, Chakra Re- Alignment. Head Banging, Linguistics, Ebonics, Dating the White Women... where all da white women at!?

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