The Mutaytor Cast: Crunchy Nash
Crunchy Nash

A.K.A. "The Brains of the Operation", Mom, Momma

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Christine Nash aka Mama Crunchy is the oil in the machine that maintains the Mutaytor. Working professionally in the music industry since she was 17, her background is the foundation of a lifetime commitment to working with bands and artists of all sizes and popularity.

From her beginnings in the Chicago music scene DJing and working at clubs to Phoenix where she lost years and copious amounts of sleep working 4 music jobs, including running ASU's radio station, training 40 DJ's each semester, spinning at a local club and working part time as a record store buyer. There she was asked to become the local college rep for CBS Records (now Sony Music). For three years she covered alternative marketing/artist development for a five state area.

In 1992 Crunchy moved to Los Angeles with Sony Music, and that summer met drummer Matty Nash. While Tay worked the LA music scene, an old friend called with a job offer to handle a five state region for Virgin Records. Crunchy dove into marketing and developing an amazing roster of artists including David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz, Massive Attack, John Lee Hooker, Ben Harper, David Gray, the Smashing Pumpkins and more.

About this time, when the Mutaytor was born on the playa at Burning Man, she began to foster Matty's new vision of combining his musical loves of drumming and electronic music with stunning visual performance.

Having been a part of the Mutaytor legacy since it's inception, Crunchy has used her knowledge and passion for bands to allow the Mutaytor to rule it's own kingdom. The band produces and manufactures it's CDs and DVDs, runs the website, artwork, PR, artist relations, booking, etc. Keeping control within the band is of the utmost importance, having seen countless bands sign contracts without knowing how or even IF they can fit into the major label system. She currently works at Warner Bros. Records while managing the nuts and bolts of the Mutaytor, LLC which now features over 30 musicians, artists and collaborators.

Mama Crunchy is in this for one reason: the family of creative minds that surround the Mutaytor is lifeblood to her. Fostering this artistic community, she has dedicated herself to bringing Playa concepts of radical expression, a gift economy, giving freely of your talents to help out others, and helping people find, as Revered Kate so aptly described, that ignition that is within each and everyone to shine and Mutayte.

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