A.K.A. The Turbanaytor

Hargo was born and raised in Los Angeles. The inspiration for all the things that he brings to The Mutaytor comes from his father's homeland, India. Hargo is a Sikh (pronounced seek) which is a religion from Northern India. Sikh men commonly wear a peaked turban that serves partly to cover their long hair, which is never cut out of respect for God's creation. Many Sikh men comb out their hair and twist and tuck it up under their turbans.


These drums originate from India and have found their way into western music. They can be heard in the classics such as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin to modern day Rap and R&B and, of course, in The Mutaytor performances.

"The element of fire has a combination of danger and comfort, destruction and creativity, fear and comfort. Fire, in many societies, is seen as a central gathering place. People gather around a campfire or around a fireplace to share the warmth of the fire and watch the flames dance into the night. When I spin fire, I am that fire that people gather around and they watch as I make the flames dance. My fire dancing background comes from Gatka , a sword fighting martial art that comes from northern India."

Double Staves, Staff and Poi-combo

Flags and Jaal (the LED enhance spinning toy). The Jaal is a weapon from northern India. "I have adapted/Mutayted it to create amazing visual art to accompany the sounds of The Mutaytor."

Listen to the track inspired by Hargo: The Turbanaytor
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