The Mutaytor Cast: Jenn

A.K.A. Hooparella

E-mail: jenn @

Jenn Q., also known by some as 'Hooparella', grew up in San Jose, Ca. After many years of doing musical theatre in the bay area, in 1996, she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting further. She attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts for 2 years, and continued studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse while participating in local theatrical productions. While pursuing acting, she also started up a pet sitting business, which is still going strong today.

Then, came the night that changed her life forever. She went to an underground party 3 years ago, and the first thing she saw as she walked into the room, was a dance floor full of sexy hoop dancers. "I remember turning to my boyfriend at the time, and saying, 'I am going to learn how to do that!'" A few weeks later, she was in her first hoopshop, bought her first hoop, and hasn't been able to stop since. "Who knew I would end up pursuing a career as a professional Hula Hooper!"

She was first mutated at another small underground party that took place a few months later. "It was a really small room, the drums were banging, the room was packed from wall to wall with sweaty, dancing bodies, everyone was covered in body paint, clothes were coming off, and we were all experiencing this madness together, as well as contributing to it. I felt like I had walked into another dimention. I can't put into words the vibe that we were all feeling in that room It was truly extraordinary!" A year later, on Halloween 2002, she took the stage for the first time with The Mutaytor. She feels truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing family!

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