The Mutaytor Cast: Kevin Bourque
Kevin Bourque

A.K.A. Meta-4

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Kevin Bourque (aka Meta-4) was born and raised in California by famous insurance agent W. Ralph Bourque and wife Jean. Fleeing his home town of Stockton (which bears the highest per capita murder rate in the country and was the home of infamous child molester Ekhart Schmitz), Bourque attended UCLA, where he received his degree in Film and Television Production. Bourque directed a plethora of award winning short films including "In Transit" (a favorite on the film festival circuit and currently in worldwide distribution), and "Just Watch" (a highly acclaimed quirky animated piece). Bourque then turned to music videos, directing clips for a number of underground and alternative artists including MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE and MICHAEL PENN until MTV turned to things like The Real World and stopped focusing on music.

He's also a visual artist (aka a painter). He's created images by straight oil on canvas, as well as combinations of animation cells, oil and canvas. The artist claims to not really know what the inspirations for most of these images are, but he suspects that they rise from an estranged relationship with his mother and a general lack of fiber in his diet (he is making little or no effort to correct either condition).

And if that weren't enough, He played in a number of bands over the years including Krotch (voted LA's worst band by the LA Weekly), obscure industrial band Tunnel Mental, alternative act Pudding and his current own electronic multimedia extravaganza SKIN (, which he wrote the music, produced the album and created all the visuals. The album includes a DVD and each song has itís own unique visual representation (music video just sounds so 80ís era MTV, doesnít it?)

He also composed music for television specials including BREAKING THE NEWS on CBS.

He's also worked as an editor for the past 11 years (everyone has a day job), working on projects as diverse as a documentary about Abortion Rights for The Feminist Majority to The Maxim Hot 100 Countown, The Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Special and Hillary Clinton's campaign film for US Senator.

He's also the co founder and ringmaster of Cirque Berzerk with Suzanne... and is currently working on a musical show for the circus.

He needs more free time.

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