The Mutaytor Cast: Lucky Mohawk
Lucky Mohawk

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Born in Boston during the blizzard of '78, the doctors knew something wasn't right with baby Lucky. "How could this be?" they exclaimed " A baby with a third eye??!!"... Was this natures little accident or divine intervention? Either way we could see he was destined for greatness. But who would ever appreciate his gift?

After years of loneliness working in broadcast television, Lucky met the Mutaytor (a group of fellow freaks). They nurtured his bizarre gift and allowed him to interface with their strangely captivating tunes. As Lucky listened to the music he could see frequencies in the air and imagery in the minds of those around him. He soon realized that these beautiful thoughts must be shared with everyone.

Mission: To mutayte the world through mind-altering visuals.

The Past: At age 13 Lucky began working with community access television, by the time he was in high school he owned his own production company and was one of the top producers of wedding videos in the LA area. Having done over 300 weddings by his senior year, he decided to branch off into commercials, corporate events, and live concert coverage. At age 19 with a fully functional multi-camera production truck, and staff of 4, Lucky returned to the LA County High School for the Arts to join the faculty of the TV/Film program. He began producing "best of" shows on leased access channels across the west-coast, and coined the term "infotainment". Shortly thereafter he was delivered a crushing blow when trying to open LA's first environmentally controllable HDTV studio, and fell only $30k short of initial investment capital. After some consideration, Lucky closed up shop and moved to Chicago to start again, finding only wedding work and returning after a year. Since then Lucky has been busy doing promos for CBS, pitching pilots, and Technical Directing the occasional reality show... Oh, and lets not forget VJ'ing for Mutaytor!!!!

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