The Mutaytor Cast: Amy

A.K.A. Lunatech

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If there were a female version of Jeckel and Hyde, Amy (Lunatech) would be the shining example! Licensed mental health professional by day…clinically insane dancin' freak by night. Her favorite saying: "I comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

Amy has her Masters in Social Work and is the director of a behavioral program for developmentally disabled children and their families. She is also in private practice providing holistic psychotherapy to children and adults. She is training in Psychodrama, using action and movement in group settings to heal and inspire spontaneity.

Amy's profession brings an enormous sense of fulfillment and purpose to her life, but alter ego Lunatech fills in with the fun and debauchery!

Her lifelong passion and joy has always come from dancing and performing. Amy began her dance training at the age of 5, and has not stopped movin' and groovin' since then. She has had 20 plus years of professional training in ballet, jazz, tap and modern. She has also dabbled in swing, contact improv and other fun activities like hula hoop and poi.

Although never far from her heart, over the years various circumstances physically drew Amy away from her performing roots. Little did she know, though, her first Mutaytor show ever (New Year's 2003) would be the genesis of her current mutation almost a year and half later! Who wouldn't be inspired by the talented and amazing Mutant musicians and performers! Amy returned home to the playa for the first time and began attending Mutaytor and Dub Science shows religiously. The incubation of creative psychopathology was underway, and when a call to work with the infamous Mutech was put out…the visible transformation began. At Xara Floralia in April 2004…Lunatech was hatched and the insanity was in full bloom…literally! (there's a story in there…)

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