The Mutaytor Cast: KJ

A.K.A. Hooptease

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KJ is a whirling dervish, guaranteed to steal your heart and dazzle your senses with her hoops and fire dancing. Once in a blue moon, she may materialize as a mystifying and magestic Femtech, so watch yerself! Mutaytor fans across the land can tune in on Mondays to the Playboy Radio Morning Show on Sirius 198 to hear KJ sling advice and dish on her exploits both mutaynt and otherwise in the City of Angels...Los Angeles has been KJ's home for almost a decade, although her true home is Black Rock City, NV.

A Seattle native, KJ awoke to the power of music as the grunge movement pounded down her door. Just a hair too young and too suburbia-bound to fully jump into the scene, she nonetheless did her duty in flannel and combat boots before moving to LaLaLand in 1997, where after a few years she found herself deeply entrenched in the underground electronic music community. The SoCal rave scene had passed its official peak but was still thriving in dark warehouses and on remote mountain-tops, and KJ quickly found her home with the legendary rave collective the Orange Kids. With the OKs, she has collaborated on events of all sizes and scopes, including EM:DEF's largest fundraiser, We the People, and the infamous Lightning in a Bottle gatherings.

It was with the OKs that KJ made her first voyage to the Burning Man festival in 2001. In the years since, she has found herself deeply immersed in and deeply honored to be a part of the thriving Burning Man community rooted in the lofts and warehouses of downtown LA. Working with such incredible tribes as Mutaytor, the OKs, Abundant Sugar, the Do Lab, Space Island, and others is KJ's greatest joy in life.

KJ has had the priviledge of performing with The Mutaytor since 2002. She has spent the better part of her life in front of crowds however; for the first 22 years of her life she "performed" as a competetive swimmer, an amazing experience that included qualifying for the 1996 U.S. Olympic Team Trials and captaining the USC Women's Team. Drawing on this athletic background, KJ has explored gymnastics and bellydance as well in her never-ending quest to expand her art. She very much hopes you enjoy the show.

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