The Last Outpost of Black Rock City
Mutech's The Wall

Villians, hooligans, and humanoids I have been assimilating the various threads regarding the walled city of Gigsville. When I first heard the concept I had two immediate but entirely separate ideas, however after some thought and seeing other responses on the list I have assimilated the various ideas into one all encompassing package. The background story can be changed to suit whatever the actual reality turns out to be. It was designed to be adaptable to cover whatever concepts and contingencies come up. Respectfully submitted for your comment and review:  Gigsville the last outpost of Black Rock City. If you have the Wall, put it on.

I It was after the Millenia Wars. Bill Gates and most of the Windows geeks were dead unprepared for the backslash after the Windows Leap Year crash. The Mac people had gone totally underground. The Unix Guru's and the Unix faithful already embattled with NT ha d circled their wagons into armed camps and walled cities. Hordes of Humongus Frat Boys and Media Whores fought over the remnants and pillaged all who were unfortunant enough to run across them. Amazingly most of the internet, running Solaris, Linux and Unix servers remained intact. Rumors abounded about a fabulous walled city with a 12 volt grid powered by solar energy and wind. Occasionally scraps from the digest appeared when a NT server on the net managed to boot for a few minutes. Most who had gone searching for Gigsville were never seen again and the few that returned were changed, different somehow but nothing you could really put your finger on. Occasionally there would be raiding parties bringing Jack Assery to the world and recruiting or kidnapping others to join them. No matter how much they tried to put it off as myth, as the derangd visions of old hippies, the mad ramblings of the psychotic ones the man still burned on every year. And in Gigsville, the last outpost of Black Rock City the mystique and the passion of the burning never faltered.

The Secession of Gigsville last outpost of Black Rock City. A walled city under siege or a fortress of aggression. Four gates, vehicles parked nose to nose around perimeter plus fencing, barbed wire, boulders, moats, guardtowers with water cannons and lights. Visas, papers, arbitrary laws, staged atrocities, entrapment, trials, reeducation, abductions, and experiments. Green cards, ilegal aliens, lockdowns, persecution, deportation, immigration, bribery. Roving patrols randomly enforcing no spectator zones, no camera zones. Black ops, jack assery expeditions.

Premises and considerations. My premises and considerations for the proposal are as follows.

 1. Flexibility. Must be able to adapt to various threads easily and without invalidating itself.

 2. Participation and labor. Designed to be able to be self supporting without extensive labor or participation. We want to be able to go away and have fun too. We need to be able to operate with one or two people on roving patrol to full village participation during a lockdown.

 3. Coexistance. We must coexist within the greater burningman community and outside authorities. Damn it all. Gates will cause major hassles unless they are manned at all times or left open when there is insuffiecient labor.

 4. Random and tyrannical enforcement. Nothing makes people crazier than lack of consistancy. By having constantly changing laws and enforcement of such it will drive those who don't get it crazy. We have to be able to make and break rules to suit our particular situation at the moment.

There are other considerations as well but I'm having a little trouble expressing my thoughts as fast as they are occurring. As you can maybe see I've been obsessing on this a while. Anyway here are some more details of my visions.

 1. Four gates each of which can be themed differently. An Oz gate, a Berlin Wall gate with guard towers, water cannons, lights and maybe Pink Floyd, and maybe a road warrior or beyond Thunderdome gate or maybe both. Suggestions?

 2. Vehicles around the perimeter parked nose to nose to reduce amount of walls and fencing. Also incorporate minefields, moats, barbed wire, boulders and litter fencing into perimeter. A tank or some type of road warrior vehicle patroling the boundarys.

 3. Guard squads, soldiers, and roving patrols as available. Different themed uniforms as available. For instance the leather bound girl guards with pink and white acetalyne torches, (would these not also be our BSE cheerleaders?) or some genetically altered mutant cyborg warriors.  

 4. Peoples courts to instantly decide fate of people arrested for crimes against the state. Reb and Boy as lawyers the Mayor of course the impartial, unbribable judge. Court could also be postphoned until the bar shows up. And will we allow appeals? Subject to whim and/or bribes? A roving court following the bar with judge, jury, and executionor for crimes against burningman.

 5. Reeducation center and the minister of propaganda. First there was Tokyo Rose we of course have Tokyo Rico. Therm I think I can get corporate sponsorship if any medical research or experimentation is required.

 6. Black and covert ops. Plant evidence, stage atrocities, and entrap victims as needed. Also we can go a lot further with things when our victims are plants and are fully aware of our intentions.

 7. Passports and immigration. When gates are unmanned rules regarding open imigration will be posted and enforced by any uniformed personnel willing to do so. When the gates are in operation and personnel are available we can do papers and visas and reeducation. Reeducation might also be a consequence of sentencing.

 8. Running man, beyond Thunderdome arenas of death for those convicted as an
alternative to execution or deportation.

 9. Camera permits, no media zones, beat the photographers. Enforce and stage as available.

10. Ambassadors of JackAssery. Excursions for recruitment or kidnapping as needed.

11. Mad Max decoy ride of free beer and titty dancers to distract tourists while raids or escapes occur.

12. Lockdowns of the city periodically for apprehension of dissidents, immigration violation, spectator violation, or media violation.

13. Underground railroad to sneak in or out of the city.

14. Abductions, assainations, aggression against our neighbors, lebensraum. Hey if we need it then why not. It's not like we don't have a mandate from God to do whatever we feel like.

15. Hero? Villain? Victim? Assume whatever story and identity you want and insert here.

16. Obsessions, compulsions, hang ups, use at your own discretion.

17. Absences and omissions were not deliberate. I just needed to get all this out on paper and my mind is well ahead of what I can express.

Ok, it might be a tad bit radical. And it will involve a lot of work and jack assery. But it's doable. And it's not like I came up with all this stuff myself. We don't have to be real coordinated or organized to make it  work. If we don't feel like doing anything we let people come and go at their own risk. Then if we feel like doing something we can range from isolated acts of jack assery and specterrorism to full lockdown and persecution. We will have the look, the reputation, the rumors, and the laws of our community will be clearly posted. Or not. 

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