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Born of a mix of inhibition, a sense of alienation and a deep-seated need to entertain, RayRay takes the stage with a performance that defies classification and even description.

Image hosted by RayRay first came to life from the imaginations of Raymond Persi and Paul Pistore, who teamed up in 2002 to bring Raymond's self-referencing characters to life. Over the years, Raymond began drawing a range of characters based on his view of himself. Their various forms and antics represent life's twists and turns with an often surreal slant. Artistic psychotherapy? Maybe. But, this was to be just the beginning of the journey. He was then joined by Paul who helped bring his creations to life.

Joining Raymond and Paul's efforts are performers and contributors Arno Yeretzian, Julia Yemelin, Elan Trinidad, and Steven Loeb.

What appeals to founding member Arno about RayRay is their shy and inwardly reflective nature. Verbal communication being Arno's least preferred method of expression, he appreciates how RayRay can say so much with so little. RayRay is self-consciousness and self-criticism manifested, both of which are predominant themes in Arno's own art and life.

Julia relocated from Russia to Los Angeles a few years ago where she quickly acclimated herself to the Southern Californian way of life. Since then she has worked and performed in various theater, TV and film projects. Julia considers herself lucky to be a part of the RayRay world. Julia dreams of touring the world with RayRay and taking him to visit her home country of red flags and cold winters.

Elan works in RayRay as a performer and a video artist.He has also worked on many commercials for products that you may already own and don't really want; as well as a few logos for television shows that you probably can't stand. Elan became an indentured servant to RayRay after an incident which involved nine yards of rope and a cactus on the border of Thai Town and Little Armenia. He was never the same again.

We believe that there's a bit of RayRay in everyone.

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