The Mutaytor Cast: Russell (Member Emeritus)
Russell (Member Emeritus)

Russell was born in June of 1971, and started playing with fire at a tender young age. Little did he know how well that fascination would serve him years down the road, as Chief of Fire Safety for The Mutaytor. Between the time of his birth and becoming Mutayted at Burning Man 2002, he not only played with fire, but also let his creative juices flow via drawing, painting, photography, and woodworking. He also managed to earn enough merit badges to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. But his overwhelming passion was and is music - 7 years playing clarinet, 3 years in high school choir, 10 years playing guitar and bass, and a lifetime of appreciation for the musicality of creaking hinges, bouncing bed springs, slamming doors, dripping water, and of course, crackling flames. He acquired a djembe in early 2004, and can now be seen pounding the skin whenever there's no fire on stage.

Outside of the band, Russell can generally be found practicing with his fire staff, reading just about anything he can get his hands on, creating experimental music, or sewing costumes.

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