The Mutaytor Cast: Stark Raving Brad
Stark Raving Brad

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Well known SF drum maniac is one of the many people to be absorbed in to the borg like Mutatytor. From 1991 - 1994 Stark Raving Brad grew into a Bay Area legend for his DNA-altering live shows. The gigs were uniquely themed musical and theatrical extravaganzas that could only be assembled every two months. 'Round about '94, SRB's outstanding percussive talents and nuclear stage presence began to earn him much critical praise in SF, and solicitations from quality outfits started to pour in. He joined premier wack-hoppers The Marginal Prophets, and SF's second-wave ska kings, Undercover S.K.A. He drummed up a steady pop beat for Emperor Norton's eclectic Virgin-Whore Complex. DRUM! Magazine called on him to write a humor column for their fast-growing international publication. The Pro-Mark drumstick company offered him a lucrative endorsement deal. He occasionally funked things up for Boomshanka, CHUB and The Psychokinetics. In 2001, The Hellbillys enlisted him to pound satanic tubs in their evil little psychobilly gang. Also, with Pansy Division's Jon Ginoli, he formed The Planning Commission, an indiepunk quartet dedicated to humorous, angry and topical songs about SF government, now playing on a sidewalk near you. Recently, ZERO Magazine offered him the SF Music Scene Review column. It's a wonder he's had any time to do laundry. CMJ, NAMM, SXSW, NXNW, SF02, EAT'M, New Music West, Nadine's Wild Weekend, he's done 'em all, and more than once, toots. Onstage, he has performed with Angelo Moore (from Fishbone), Neville (The Specials), Clarence Clemons (E Street Band), MIRV (well, briefly, before Kehoe had him booted), Pansy Division, !Tang, flanelhed, the Kirby Grips, Beat Senseless, the Mac Swanky Trio, Simon Stinger, Radio Noise, Nefertiti Jones, Monkey, One Nation Underground, Slender, and others. In 1997, his band was selected over 650 others to be finalists in the Discmakers Unsigned Band contest. While he didn't win (even though BAM Magazine said he should have), he did join Robin Williams and Bobcat Goldthwaite as the only people to jump off the balcony of the Great American Music Hall and live to tell the tale. He also played the Fillmore butt naked. So now, in 2003, SRB's associations with The Hellbillys, Undercover, The Planning Commission, CHUB, The Psychokinetics, DRUM!, Pro-Mark and ZERO continue, and he has recently been absorbed into LA's mad percussion troup THE MUTAYTOR so they do the collective drummy freakout thing whenever schedules magically coincide. And, of course, he keeps up the good work on upcoming projects: an updated version of his zine, GQ (Gerbils Quarterly), a Dysfunctional Family Circus booklet, and the inevitable release of the album (tentatively titled Stark Raving Brad - A**hole With A Vision), due out on 4:20 Records in Summer 2002. Look for SRB to do a Tentacles Session in support of it.

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