The Mutaytor Cast: Sylvie

A.K.A. E.L.vis

E-mail: sylvie @

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Sylvie's incarnation on this Planet Earth began as it remains, gilded with love and happiness poured from the ever-flowing cauldron of human interaction. Sylvie Hitchcock joined the Mutaytor in 2002, and her joy for life's play sprung into physical form. While some are fond of fire and others bang the drum, Sylvie plays the audience, stirring smiles and laughter with instruments of twirl and delight. A flexible performer, Sylvie's stage is often off-stage not behind but in front, among you, with you.

On a sabbatical while finishing her studies at Cal Berkeley, Sylvie is anxious to return.

Sylvie is the Mutaytor's first and finest Femtech. Resistance is futile. You will be MUTAYTED.

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