Mutiny Sfears, the bride of Mutech
Mutiny Sfears
the bride of Mutech.
Be afraid, be very afraid!


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Femtechs, teen raver Barbie clones

Mutech considers himself to be the Mutaytor's X Factor. A study in opposites, the poster child for turning civilians into rockstars, and legally blind he thinks he is one of the luckiest people around to be part of the Mutaytor. Mad scientist by day and teen raver by night. Dr. Darryl Licht and the bride.

Before he met up with the Mutaytor Mutech was your typical, conservative, unfulfilled mad scientist. Married, with children, computer professional (read geek), and an actual genetic mutant. However that is a two edged sword as his super power is causing him to go slowly blind from a mutated gene. Never the less he is determined to make the best of the situation and use technology to help himself and others who have partial vision. "Yeah, talk about a really, really bad hair day. I'll tell you this though THEY are going to be taking me out kicking and screaming all the way. It is my hope to inspire others that no matter what your circumstances you can rise above that and be a star. I am so fortunate to be part of this family of talented and caring people who constantly inspire me and each other to give our best and then some no matter what." Mutech has been mutating technology and lighting for many years as an art form. Now it's also an experiment and inspiration to make the most of his remaining vision. And in true mad scientist form he is not afraid to experiment on himself.

Which leads one to ask what all the teen raver stuff is about. To be generous it is a bit disturbing. That gives Mutech some pause. "Well ok. (giggle, snort, guffaw) (giggle) I can't really duck that one can I? You have to admit though it has the compelling quality of watching a train wreck. Mutiny Sfears the bride of Mutech. Be afraid. Be very afraid. And Mutech Corp. of course is a fictional, evil, faceless, intergalactic megacorp run by a mad scientist and an alien rockstar. Specializing in biomech technology, weapons research, and genetic alteration. The whole bride of Mutech and teen raver Barbie's are simply a project that got out of control. And also in turn proved to be wildly successful. Femtechs are Mutech's greatest product to date. Look at the specs on these babies". Hmmmmmm... Yeah right. Mutech looks at me with a very innocent wide eyed stare. "Seriously you guys it's all perfectly logical. Would a psycho, genetically altered, mutant cyberfreak, teen raver lie to you? Would the Internet lie to you?"

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