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We are artists, musicians, and technicians dedicated to bringing you spectacles of sound and vision from beyond imagination. To inspire and empower our audience, our community, and our selves to reach beyond what we are to what we can be. We convert civilians into RockStars!

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Femtechs, Teen Raver Barbie Clones
Lady Spacetrash
The Lunatech is inside your head


The teen raver Barbie clones from Mutech Corporation are America's greatest weapon in the WAR Against Ravers. All models utilize genetically enhanced chameleon and firefly DNA coupled with Mutel Obtanium processors for realtime bioluminescent pattern generation and state of the art industry standard graphical user interface. Black Rock edition anti spectator tactical shields, Amazon support suspension, and LED finger sensory overload systems are also standard.

The entry level TRB668 and TRB670 models seen here come in a variety of hair colors and styles and will infiltrate even the highest level of rave security with elegance and ease unsurpassed by any system on the marketplace today. The stunning visuals and unique personalities will leave even the most hardened and/or wasted candy raver begging to be assimilated.

The deluxe model TRB666 also comes equipped with biomech armor, tactical image targeting sensors, bra blasters, voice activated personnel misting system, long range LED antenna array with dangling data acquisition probes, multi spectrum hypnotic trance choker, and direct connect interface to the galaxy wide web. In yet another industry first Mutech is pleased to announce the first public release of the 5 watt royal blue Luxeon star UV inducer.

Mutech Corp. Where technology grows. We can build you faster, smarter, cuter, and firmer than you were before. We have the tools, we have the technology.

The Lunatech is in the hall


Lady Spacetrash
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